My grandmother passed away last night. I’ve gone home for the weekend to be with family. See you all on Tuesday.

Have to bed. Crashing so hard. 

5 drafts to do.


"You better pay me back, or I’ll make you pay me back double however much you owe me…"

As if he wasn’t familiar with debt collection and intimidation tactics. “Like I said no worries. So What are we drinking tonight?” With that he claps the red sword on the shoulder. 


Gold is the soul of all civil life,
that can resolve all things into itself
and turn itself into all things.

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 overalt:  "I need a drink."


"that makes two of us…i have money..but you owe me.."

"What a good friend you are. Sure next time is on me." Sure it is.


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I’ll be good I promise. 

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"Vierra how are those stuffie old blues today? Still justice and honor for all?" We couldn’t have it any other way now could we.